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We are American Lyceum International School

American Lyceum Private School is a LLC company incorporated in the Sultanate of Oman. We are a school being run under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, Oman. We offer K-12 services to boys and girls in our Azaibah branch. American Lyceum International School believes in providing a stimulating and safe environment for children.


Highly-trained faculty, state-of-the-art resources and innovative curriculum have resulted in distinctive experiences that make The American Lyceum School's opportunities unique. We believe that children's lives change when their natural passion for learning is nurtured and transformed into habits of life-long learning and reflection. We believe that the world changes as these children learn to serve their country and community with wisdom, conviction, and compassion.


The American Lyceum International School has been a beacon of excellence in education. Children in grades 1-4 thrive in an experiential environment designed to leverage their natural curiosity and joy of learning. Empowered problem solvers and collaborators are encouraged to think big, synthesize and test ideas and celebrate the learning process. Academics integrated with movement, fine arts, character- based leadership and faith formation are woven together into a seamless experience of personalized growth. As an independent school, we continue our founding traditions as an International community. The heart of our mission is to educate leaders of character who will value and improve the world they inherit. Here in a warm, inclusive culture, every child is known, their God-given talents are valued and relationships flourish.


American Lyceum Private School is providing the world class facilities to the students of Grade 1 and onwards. We are following the Cambridge Curriculum and the Leaderin Me Program. We do follow the Whole Brain Teaching, This invloves the full facalities of the human brain in the learning process. The indigenous training department of the school makes sure that the teachers are training enough to inculcate knowledge to the students using the latest methodologies.

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We cultivate and honor children's innate love of learning as they prepare for a life of purpose, integrity, and academic accomplishment. American Lyceum Private School, students gain the skills and confidence to meet the challenges of self, family, community, and the world at large. We believe that the child and their needs are the central and commanding focus of the learning process.

About us

American Lyceum Private School offers students a distinctive learning community through an established tradition of educational innovation. We forge meaningful relationships and embrace global mindedness. We learn from one another and honor and celebrate our differences and our likenesses. We value Unity between school, family and community.


“By cultivating the crop of enlightened leaders become the name of trust, pride and performance.”


“To Enable Primary and Secondary Greatness in People”

Our Philosophy

American Lyceum Private School strives to be a preschool of choice by providing a learning environment suitable for child development and offers a unique curriculum combined with Montessori and EYFS concepts.

By providing a safe, fun and stimulating learning environment, creative ways of teaching, personal hands-on attention, and top level play-based education, American Lyceum Private School students can explore and develop their full potential and be prepared to be good citizens and leaders of the 21st century.

A combination of EYFS & International Curriculum (Cambridge) is aimed to establish acceleration in children's intellectual development and prepare our students with strong foundation for lifelong learning.


At American Lyceum Private School for children, our students form the heart of the institute. The curriculum and infrastructure are designed keeping the little learners at the core. We collectively work towards fostering their cognitive, social, physical and academic development. The school’s ideologies, methodologies and facilities guarantee enriching experience to each of our students, beyond the classroom. Our unique approach ensures overall growth of all the students and prepares them for intensive academic program that awaits them in the years to come.


We Want Proactive Personalities - Students must be responsible for whatever they are getting. Teachers: must be responsible for the results of the students. Parents: must be responsible for the grooming of the children.

Safety First

Safe and stimulating environment that children can explore and discover, that encourages creativity, and collaboration, independence.

Certified Tutors

American Lyceum’s highly qualified staff is committed to provide personal attention and professional education to preschool, along with continuous improvement, growth, and achievement of every student.

Teaching Method

American Lyceum’s highly qualified staff is committed to provide personal attention and professional education to preschool, along with continuous improvement, growth, and achievement of every student.

Why American Lyceum ?

Because Every Child can be Successful

• Leadership Development.

• International Recognition.

• Whole brain teaching (WBT)/power teaching.

• Children's personal, social and emotional development.

• Children's develop responsibility, the ability to analyze, to question and problem solving faculties.

• Children learn to share, cooperate and be friendly with others.

• Development of the ability to act with confidence and independence.

• Children are trained to avoid child abuse

• Dedicated and trained faculty.

• Inter branch tranfer.

• A wide range of curricular & co-curricular activities.

Jane Doe


Mario Salles


Julia Stan


Mary John


Juditt Lind




• Admission is granted on first come first serve basis.

• The age restrictions are strictly observed.

• Children with any disability can only get admission after the approval .

• Once admission is cancelled, process has to be followed for readmission.

• Admission may be cancelled if there is any health hazard to others.

• The health and safety policy has to be followed in letter & spirit.

• All dues have to be paid before availing of the services.

• Admission may cancelled on misbehavior with staff.

• Any decision regarding admission by the school is final.

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Our Activities

Music Classes

American Lyceum Private School is training in early learning through music education for babies, toddlers and children aged 3 years to 6 years. We have been developing our music programs, these programs consist of lesson plans for group sessions where the children are involved in creative play, movement games, singing, dancing and playing instruments.

Playground Classes

If you own a school, you’re likely passionate about providing the best possible experience for the children in your care. A great school playground can dovetail with your goals by helping you support children in growth, development, fun and creativity. School playground equipment offers plenty of benefits:

• An inclusive playground can help children play together, even if they have different mobility and ability levels.

• Play can help children grow and develop.

• Play can incite curiosity and creativity in children.

• Sensory play can encourage children to explore the world around them while building sensory perception.

• Play can relieve stress, especially for children who are new to daycare.

• Play time can help children make friends and have fun.

• Playgrounds can have components which help children learn numbers, letters and colors.

• A playground can encourage active play and an interest in exercise.

• Playgrounds can help children learn social skills.


Our World at Their Fingertips® curriculum includes seven toddler Signature Practices that make learning an adventure and inspire individual development:

• Prime Times: One-on-one interactions to build relationships and important social skills.

• Language Development: Conversation to encourage thinking, speaking, and comprehension.

• Sensory Experiences: Materials and media to ignite the senses.

• Small Group Learning: Activities to maximize prime times, encourage choices in play, and minimize overstimulation.

• Self-Help Skills: Encouragement to learn daily tasks and routines at each child’s own pace.

• Cause and Effect: Opportunities to learn about the scientific method by asking questions, experimenting, finding answers, and testing results.

• Outdoor Experiences: Time outside to introduce new sights, sounds, smells, and textures.

Art & Craft

Give your child a chance to embrace his artistic side. Try these great arts and crafts ideas: Whether it's learning a new handcraft like crochet or getting messy.

Core Values


Academic: New Heights of Excellence are to be attained. Personal: Every person is to be at his/her best. Facilities: Excellent facilities are to be provided to learners.


Personal: We do whatever we commit to. Professional: Professional Integrity is our most important and valued asset.


Everyone is expected to be respectful regardless of their rank and grade. Nobody, on whichever level of the hierarchy is to be humiliated. Students must be respected by staff and faculty. Faculty must be respected by students and parents. Parents must be respected by Students and faculty.


We want proactive personalities. Students must be responsible for whatever they are getting. Teachers must be responsible for the results of the students. Parents must be responsible for the grooming of the children.


When your toddler’s in the right place, you just know. Our program is designed to give you that feeling — a safe place for your newly independent child to test out and learn new skills, wonder about everything, and discover how to make friends. It’s all alongside teachers who know every day that they’re not caring for any child, but the most important child — yours.

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Visit us at: Way No 4864, Azaiba behind Sultan Center, Muscat, OMAN.

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